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Anhui Sun Yishun Liu'an Tea

Anhui  province Luxi Sun Yishun tea from the township small workshop started formally established in 1994, the existing 2600 square meters factory workshop, 1 agricultural technicians, 3 technicians and technical personnel, some tea, authentic Lu'an tea Sun Yishun franchise high grade, with an annual output of 100 tons of tea.

Southwest Qimen township high mountains, dense forests, clouds diffuse, rainfall abundant, temperature appropriate, since ancient times here farmers, a variety of tea trees, tea planting experience. Tea garden located in the valleys of mountain and River Delta, fertile land.

Liu'an tea is a famous traditional craft tea. It was founded around 1725, and is sold in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia. It is called "holy tea"".

Liu'an tea is select great materials, craft unique, exquisite, excellent quality, not only is drinking Pierre, and has very high medicinal value. "Lu'an tea contains polyphenols, which belongs to the health care tea.

Unlike other teas, Lu'an tea can not immediate brew. It needs to be aged for several months or even 2 to 3 years. The tea full of shiny, tight and loose, mellow black Weizu Chen, Tang sehong amber, entrance slightly bitter refreshing sweet, rich aroma, bitter and sweet water bubble after six Jin, Chen Yun left teeth lingering... The tea taste similar to Guangdong Pu'er tea.

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