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Changtai. Tian Xia Tong An Puerh

      Hong Kong Tong'An tea hongs was founded in 1942, in the period of China's war of resistance against war.Tea hongs founded "Tongan" wish the world peace, the people live peace and harmony.In 2006, tea hongs launched this traditional product together with Changtai .

2006 year Tian Xia Tong An Lion Cake highlights :

     1.The lion cake is carefully prepared from the raw materials of Menghai tea area ,this tea grows in clouds covered forests year by year .It has the essence of today's original ecological food, with bright colors, mellow taste and other characteristics, a higher value of food and drink collection.
     2.2006 lion cake has been deposited for 11 years, now drinking or collection will be have a high value.
     3.The traditional stone pressed, has a Dasan style.Stone pressed Pu'er Tea has the following characteristics : Tea cake surface full, clear cable, elastic moderate, suitable for late tea fermentation and change, tea is easier to dial tea, and tea is not easy to break.Handmade stone processing is the production of Pu'er tea on the choice, the Pu'er tea sector authoritative certification, stone pressed out of the Pu'er tea is the most scientific, easy to store and collection.
    4.Traditional bamboo shell packaging, no fertilizer, no pesticides, absolutely green food.Paper is wormhole, is the best proof, is considered a wormhole that the tea endoplasm is very good, a little sweet.