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Hunan Anhua Dark Tea

Anhua Dark tea is belong to Dark tea, produced in China's Hunan Yiyang City, named after the county.

Anhua dark tea using Anhua territory of mountain planting large leaf tea, after fixing, twisting, Ottawa heap, baking and drying process made of dark tea, and its raw materials for refining (including artificial fermentation and natural aging) Cheng Anhua black tea products, the main varieties of "three sharp", "three brick", "a roll".

Finished dry tea color black oil; soup color orange, pure aroma, and some slightly unique pine smoke; taste alcohol and micro astringent; resistant brewing.

Following Anhua dark tea you should know.

1.1000g Anhua Black Tea Brick Jinhua Chinese Post-Fermentation Dark Fu Tea

2.2014yr Yuminggu China Specialty Dark Tea Hunan Anhua Classical Dark Brick Tea 350g

3.300g Authentic Hunan Anhua Fu Brick Tea Jinhua Golden Flower Dark Tea Brick Baishaxi Dark Tea

4.Yijuchang Level 1 Anhua Black Tea Jinhua(Gold Flower) Handmade Fu Brick Dark Tea 318g

5.Fu Brick 2009 Years Famous Brand XiangYi Anhua Black Tea 300g Health Care

6.2014 Yuminggu Hunan Anhua Handmade Fu Brick Golden Flower Dark Tea 300g

7.Hunan Anhua Dark Tea Black Zhong Tea Brand Heichayuan Dark Tea Brick 1000g