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Liubao Tea

Liubao tea belongs to dark tea. The varieties of tea leaves were in Wuzhou City, the fresh leaves of Cangwu County, Guangxi large and medium leaf species and their isolated and breeding varieties, the varieties of tea (Camelliasinensis (L.) O. Kuntze) were selected as raw materials, According to the specific process for processing, with a unique quality characteristics of dark tea. The people who drink liubao tea will be llove its”Chinese red” plot.

The following liubao tea leaves as follows you should know.

1. Guangxi Wuzhou Liubao Tea 1Kg/bamboo Basket 1998 Old Black Super Old Dark Tea

2.Guangxi Specialty Dark Tea Wuzhou Tea Sanhe Liubao Black/Dark Tea 0309 Cake 250g


4.Guangxi Sanhe Liubao 3108 Black Tea Dark Tea Brick Wuzhou Tea Factory 400g

5.2013 Sanhe 0805 Liubao Tea Tuo Areca Incense Sweet and Refresh Resistant Foam 100g

6.2016yr Guangxi Wuzhou Sanhe Meters of Brick Dark TeaResistant Foam 500 g

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