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Fidget Toy - The newest Toy Craze


The Origin

Did you know that the popular fidget toy or fidget spinner was invented by a woman, her name is Catherine Hettinger. In addition to that, its patent was approved 20 years ago, way back in 1997.


When she heard of young boys throwing rocks at police officers and passers-by when she was in Israel, that was when wheels started spinning in her head. She wanted to divert their attention.


“It started as a way of promoting peace, and then I went on to find something that was very calming,” said Hettinger.


And so her ingenious invention came to be. Her main objective was to divert young children and provide them a soothing toy to play with.


Hettinger expressed that the sudden boom in popularity may have been rooted to the recession in 2008, and so people looked for a way to calm their nerves and have fun at the same time.


“That was always the concept — to help people,” said Hettinger . “I experienced it for myself."


What is A Fidget Toy?


The toy's basic design is made out of a metal or a plastic, with a bearing in the middle that allows it to be spun. These small ball-bearing devices are used by spinning or rotating in-between fingers. This spinning and wheeling, in turn, gives us a calming and peaceful effect. Nowadays fidget toys come in different size, shape, design, and variations.


How does Fidget Toy Works?


Basically this toy spins.

Just place the fidget spinner between your thumb and finger, give it a small tap then simply watch it spin.

How Can We Benefit from Playing Fidget Toys?


Before, squeezing balls, tapping pens, tapping fingers or toes, biting nails, and twirling hair are a few of the many ways of distraction and calming our nerves. Now fidget toys serve this purpose, for adult and young kids:


  1. It helps us beat boredom.
  2. It offers the same concept with stress balls, it helps us relieve stress.
  3. It becomes an outlet of our nervousness.
  4. It helps overcome unbecoming and bad habits like biting nails.
  5. It's a good distraction when feeling exhausted at work.
  6. With kids and young children, it helps reduce screen time or gadget time.
  7. Helps enhance imagination or cognitive skills. This may encourage kids to try out different tricks while playing  fidget toys
  8. Lastly, there are claims that fidget toyshelp with focus. Making it specifically beneficial to children with ADHD.