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  • Facts About Green Tea

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    green tea

    Facts About Green Tea

    According to history, green tea may have originated from the Southwest area of China. This type of tea is derived from steamed and dried leaves of the Camellia sinesis plant, which is also known as tea plant, tea tree, and tea shrub. Its leaves and buds are mainly utilized to produce numerous types of green tea.

    Although there are various kinds of green tea. Generally, the taste will depend upon the place they were grown, how they were processed, and when they were harvested. Specifically, good green teas can have a range of tastes depending on its quality. The flavor can be described as fresh, sweet, bittersweet, grassy, nutty, vegetal, buttery, floral, light, swampy, green, fruity and oceanic.

    The processing, growing conditions, and harvests time mainly influences the difference between many varieties of green tea. Each type is processed differently to attain different levels of oxidation. The level of oxidation is vital in the processing of green tea, this type of tea has to undergo minimal oxidation, a shorter process in order to give green tea a lighter flavor and help preserve all the beneficial chemicals intact.


    Benefits of Drinking Green Tea


    1. Green tea offers a tremendous concentration of antioxidants called polyphenols. It is important to note that polyphenols present an important role in preventing and in lessening the progression of conditions like neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases.
    1. Drinking green tea is also important for disease prevention such as heart disease and diabetes which are correlated with obesity. This is because of the presence of polyphenols, which plays an important role as a beneficial microorganism. It increases the ratio of good bacteria that is already present in the large intestine, which is important for health and weight management.

    Furthermore, green tea offers properties that increase fat burning and also boosts our body's metabolic rate.

    1. According to studies the combination of caffeine and L-theanine is especially potent at improving brain function.

    In addition, these active ingredients of green tea, caffeine is a type of stimulant that keeps us awake and the amino acid L-theanine offers anti-anxiety effects.

    1. Studies show that green tea is very effective in slowing or completely preventing cancer development in stomach, colon, liver, pancreas, breast and prostate cells. This is due to the presence of catechins in green teawhich gives three times the quantity found in black tea.

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  • Facts about China Gaiwan

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    Facts about Gaiwan


    When "gaiwan" is translated into English, it means "covered bowl', or a bowl with a lid.


    Gaiwan is basically a Chinese bowl with a cover used for the infusion of tea leaves and the consumption of tea. This teaware consists of three parts from top to bottom, a lid, an open bowl, and a saucer. Gaiwan is usually made from glass, porcelain, jade or clay, but the most versatile are the ones made from glass or porcelain.


    Gaiwan is used to brew any type of tea, but it is also perfect for premium teas, especially those with complex aromas such as oolong and pu-erh tea.


    The inside of a gaiwan is always glazed, which means it doesn’t absorb flavors, therefore, you can have one gaiwan and still use it to brew more than one type of tea.


    Choosing A Gaiwan


    When buying glazed Chinese teaware, it is very important to check if the glaze is lead-free, especially if you are choosing from handmade pottery.


    There is quite a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from. However, it is recommended to look at the functionality and versatility before purchasing.


    1. Consider the height-width ratio.

    It is important to note that the height of the bowl should be at most two-thirds of the diameter of the cover when one intends to use it in tea-making.


    1. Consider the shape of the bowl.

    Pay attention at how the bowl tapers, it should be in such a way that the tea leaves can easily be gathered at the bottom for effortless cleaning. Notice also that the tapering promotes the flow of liquid during drinking. And lastly, the bottom of the bowl may be angled or round.


    1. Lid shape or Cover shape

    Take proper attention at the button of the lid. It should be concave at the center. This way it ensures effective dissipation of heat, thus avoiding burning your finger.

    The dome of the lid should not be flat, ensuring that enough air is trapped between the liquid and the lid, creating an insulation cover.


    1. Saucer Shape

    The saucer also serves as a handle when the ware is used as a cup. Hence, ensure that the bowl fits securely into the saucer, the depth and concave in the center are important to take note. So that it feels safe when the hand tilts the saucer to tilt the bowl for drinking.


    1. Material Thickness of the bowl and capacity

    You can go for an average thickness of 1.5 mm for the side walls of the bowl and capacity of 140 ml.

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  • Fidget Toy - The newest Toy Craze

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    Fidget Toy - The newest Toy Craze


    The Origin

    Did you know that the popular fidget toy or fidget spinner was invented by a woman, her name is Catherine Hettinger. In addition to that, its patent was approved 20 years ago, way back in 1997.


    When she heard of young boys throwing rocks at police officers and passers-by when she was in Israel, that was when wheels started spinning in her head. She wanted to divert their attention.


    “It started as a way of promoting peace, and then I went on to find something that was very calming,” said Hettinger.


    And so her ingenious invention came to be. Her main objective was to divert young children and provide them a soothing toy to play with.


    Hettinger expressed that the sudden boom in popularity may have been rooted to the recession in 2008, and so people looked for a way to calm their nerves and have fun at the same time.


    “That was always the concept — to help people,” said Hettinger . “I experienced it for myself."


    What is A Fidget Toy?


    The toy's basic design is made out of a metal or a plastic, with a bearing in the middle that allows it to be spun. These small ball-bearing devices are used by spinning or rotating in-between fingers. This spinning and wheeling, in turn, gives us a calming and peaceful effect. Nowadays fidget toys come in different size, shape, design, and variations.


    How does Fidget Toy Works?


    Basically this toy spins.

    Just place the fidget spinner between your thumb and finger, give it a small tap then simply watch it spin.

    How Can We Benefit from Playing Fidget Toys?


    Before, squeezing balls, tapping pens, tapping fingers or toes, biting nails, and twirling hair are a few of the many ways of distraction and calming our nerves. Now fidget toys serve this purpose, for adult and young kids:


    1. It helps us beat boredom.
    2. It offers the same concept with stress balls, it helps us relieve stress.
    3. It becomes an outlet of our nervousness.
    4. It helps overcome unbecoming and bad habits like biting nails.
    5. It's a good distraction when feeling exhausted at work.
    6. With kids and young children, it helps reduce screen time or gadget time.
    7. Helps enhance imagination or cognitive skills. This may encourage kids to try out different tricks while playing  fidget toys
    8. Lastly, there are claims that fidget toyshelp with focus. Making it specifically beneficial to children with ADHD.

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  • Buy Essential Kitchen Tools at Moylor!

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    Kitchen tool

    Buy Essential Kitchen Tools at Moylor!

    There are few basic needs in every house for a healthy and balanced living. A well-kept kitchen is one part of the house among these needs and kitchen tools for preparing and cooking food comes along with it. Kitchen tool is a basic requirement in any kitchen that is why it is a regular item in the shopping list of households, hotels, restaurants, caterers, offices and many more. The demand for kitchen utensils is ramping in today’s market. With so many kitchen tools available in the market, sometimes it may be confusing to identify if the kitchen tool is really necessary or if it is just a waste of money. Let’s answer some question to guide you if buying kitchen tools wisely.

    Why Buy Kitchen tools?

    Having the right kitchen tools makes you more efficient in preparing and cooking food thus, resulting to more pleasing kitchen experience.  To ensure you buy the right tools, start by having the basic tools such as spatulas, can openers and mixing bowls and then check your definite set of cooking essentials.

    What tools should you have in your kitchen?

    Basic kitchen tools include mixing spoons and bowls, can opener, grater, vegetable peelers, spatulas, chopping board, strainer, masher, pot holders, knife set, kitchen shears and knife sharpener.

    What additional items you might consider buying?

    More than the basic tools, it’s possible to benefit from ceramic peelers to prevent vegetable and fruits from being bruised while you peel. Mini food cutter are also perfect kitchen accessory for meals that needs fine dicing. Multifunctional shredder can also be helpful for easier food preparation. Grind meat, herbs and spices with a multifunctional grinder, squeeze lemon and limes with a zester, plate ice cream with a scoop or put freshly cut nuts to your food with a nutcracker.

    What should you not forget when buying kitchen tools?

    There are so many kitchen tools so make sure you need the tools before buying it. Think how often you cook and what you usually prepare and cook to decide on the right pieces. Moreover, you will store all these items so don’t buy more if you don’t have enough space for it. If you prefer to buy kitchen tools online to save you hassle, make sure you shop in a legitimate online shop to ensure quality. Moylor is a trusted online shop for quality and reliable goods like kitchen tools. Shop now as it offers free shipping in all products without minimum order!


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  • Relish a Leisure Moment with this Chinese Food

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    Leisure food

    Relish a Leisure Moment with this Chinese Food

    Over the years leisure food is becoming more and more in demand. The intense growths of production and increasing consumptions of leisure food in China have improved China’s economic status. China is one of the world’s major producers for industrial and consumer products. Far beating other countries around the globe, China is the world’s fastest developing market for goods and services consumption. The Chinese economy upholds increased growth which has been motivated by the successive growths of manufacturing production, imports and exports, consumer consumption and investment for so many years.

    What is Chinese leisure food?

    Leisure food is a food group powerfully rooted in Chinese culture. When you enter a typical Chinese supermarket and gaze around at the food section, you will notice ‘leisure food’ or ‘xiuxian shipin’ in Chinese. Leisure and food are delightful in any culture when combined but there is no other country that created a more pleasant sound combining those two concepts than the Chinese. If you visit a Chinese historic site, you will be surprised about the kind of snacks and drinks sold in small shops or by street vendors.

    It is very usual to see domestic tourists eating or drinking or at least obviously carrying food in their pockets or bags ready to eat anytime. Leisure food has been a remarkable category in Chinese food industry. It has become a formal renowned term. Leisure food is a mix collection of foods including sweets such as candies, chocolate. It also has pastries, dried fruits, vegetable chips, nuts, seeds, pickles, cereals, potato chips, dried fish and meat products and many more. It can also be categorized as for private consumption, for travel or for gifts.

    There are thousands of manufacturers if leisure food in China. It is remarkable market for dealers of food ingredients. Preservation is very significant here, not only in keeping it away from pest but also in keeping the flavour, colour as well as texture. All leisure food goods have to be packed in small serving size that can be handily put in a pocket or hand bag The preferred size is the single-served package so you can open and empty it in one leisure moment!

    You can enjoy these leisure foods even without visiting China because you can order it while within the comfort of your home. Moylor is an online China shopping site where you can order leisure foods as well as other known Chinese goods like tea, green foods and cooking spices!


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