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      PuWen tea factory Famous Tea Yunya 

Tea is a famous health drink in the south of China. Chinese han Chinese tea drinking, it is said that it began in the age of shennong, less than 4,700 years. Until now, the people of the han nationality in China have the custom of tea ceremony. During the reign of emperor wudi of the three emperors,  there were stories of tea detoxification. Tea belongs to camellia branch, is evergreen shrub or small tree plant. 

      Plant up to 1-6 meters. The tea tree enjoys a humid climate and is widely cultivated in the south of China's Yangtze river basin. Tea leaves are made of tea leaves, which can be used after soaking in water, and have a strong heart and diuretic effect. Tea leaves can be picked in three years. The tender buds of 4-5 leaves are usually harvested before and after the qingming, and the tea with this bud is very good, which belongs to the treasures in the tea. Tea and cocoa, coffee and the world's three non-alcoholic beverages. 

      Yunnan Puwen tea factory is located in the beautiful XishuangBanna, known as the "plant kingdom" and "the hometown of tai ye tea", which is the birthplace of "pu 'er tea".

       PuWen tea factory in yunnan province is one of the main production base of yunnan tea export, over the years around "to the quality strives for the survival, to efficiency and development" of the enterprise purpose, through strengthening management, technical good effort, there has been a steady product quality, and maintain a high level. 

      In honor of Xishuangbanna in yunnan province PuWen tea factory the 50th anniversary of the establishment, PuWen tea factory selected for raw material, adopts the seven loaves traditional process, the special into "PuWen tea factory 50th anniversary cake", then successively developed "zi yun cake", "it's good to cloud flower tea", "advanced features seven cakes", "cloud bud number one", "jumps over Chen yue sweet" and "compare" puer tea series products. Among them, "the cloud bud tea is very good" won the 2004 Chinese tea. 

      Puwen tea plant focuses on the cultivation, production, staff management and sales of pu 'er tea, which is responsible for the packaging, development and perfect sales network of pu 'er tea products. Marketing is the leading company of a company, the puwen tea plant in perfect internal management, deepening internal reform, bold implementation of "go out" strategy, actively expand the market. We have established sales outlets in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Kunming, Simao and Banna respectively. At the same time, combined with its own practice in most cities in the country, the sales agents, a collection, production, research, and sales of four integrated pu 'er tea aircraft carrier has finally split the wave. Pu Wen cha is really soaring. Output growth, output value increase, sales network is all over the country.

      PuWen tea factory, after combining the achievements, fruits, from to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment, special into "PuWen tea factory 50th anniversary cake", the company developed the "zi yun cake", "it's good to cloud flower tea", "advanced features seven cakes", "cloud bud number one", "jumps over Chen yue sweet", "peacock" and "compare" hundreds of puer tea series products. Among them, "the cloud bud tea is very good" won the  2004 Chinese tea.  

     In order to carry forward the puer tea culture, to explore the history of tea ma gu, forge PuWen "cloud shoots for the tea industry well-known brands, April 26, 2005 PuWen tea factory and rural tea line to take an active part in the first" caravan tea ceremony The city rui gong "puer tea culture Beijing large-scale activities, investment 500000 yuan, will subscribe ten big pay PuWen" cloud bud "brand red horse cake tea piggy back into the city, and planted the seeds" shoots "cloud all the way, in people heart to open out the flowers bud" cloud ". To commemorate this event, PuWen selected high quality raw material, adopts the seven loaves, traditional craft, limit "red horse" bread raw and cooked the 30000 listed for sale soon by the general public.

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