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Good things to share with everyone-The Characteristics and Efficacy of Pu'er Tea
Pu'er tea is post-fermented tea, Pu'er cooked tea than the raw tea more than the Ottawa reactor fermentation process. The new raw tea is cold, aging after aging, cooked tea mild and mellow.
moylor pu erh tea

1, Pu'er raw tea color to green, dark green after the time after the aging part of the yellow-green, yellow and red. Tang color to yellow green, yellow and red, mainly golden. New tea leaves at the end of green, yellow-based, Chen tea for the red or red or red. Health tea bitter, astringent, sweet, sweet and other taste, aroma more obvious, easy to hurt the spleen and stomach, but after the natural aging tea will slowly become a gentle, brown chestnut tea. Health tea mainly clean up the intestinal tract, lipid-lowering, refreshing, blood pressure and weight loss effect.

2, Pu'er tea color to reddish brown-based. The aroma has a clear taste. Cooked tea tea mild, mellow taste. Fermented enough cooked tea, soup quality thick and sweet and slippery mouth, almost bitter. The degree of fermentation is light, there is back to the sweet, obvious aroma. Soup color fermentation mostly dark red, fermented heavy red and black-based. Leaves mostly reddish brown, dark brown. Cooked tea can lipid-lowering, blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis, prevent constipation, diuretic, stomach.
3, usually every day to drink a little Pu'er tea, benefit a lot.
raw and ripe puer tea
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