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Red printed:red print pu erh red printed round tea, also known as modern Pu'er Gong tea, was founded in 1940 FanHejun founder of the Buddha tea factory. Its cake is full of red mark, and tea cake outside the paper are printed on the positive "eight tea" in the tea company logo. In the eight "in" the composition of the circle, there is a red "tea" word. In the tea produced by the Pu'er tea products, and known as the "eight zhong word tea" signs and "tea" for the red, only red printed Pu'er round tea and red printed bowl tea, is unprecedented. In addition to its value of life experience, the quality of tea is also a modern Pu'er tea in the superior product. In addition to tea fat, full of cable, the color of millet, tea on the shiny, tea and red leaves and other fresh and fresh quality, which is completely buried in the tea tea is the central, is the old die. manufacturing, the use of ancient production process , Is not the umbilical pulp round cake tea, tea thick, with orchid or wild camphor flavor, red printed round tea, Menghai tea factory in the history of modern Pu'er tea is one of the basis of the sworn.


Yellow printed: "Yunnan QiZi cake", in fact, is the modern green printed Pu'er tea products,
Yellow Print pu'erby Menghai tea factory 50 years did not produce, known as the "modern fight with tea tea Pu'er tea ancestor" tea". Yellow printed round tea, because the head more, after aging are turned into golden yellow, is the tea cake was yellow, so the packaging paper marked eight red letters in the circle of "tea" is yellow, and is marked as green "Tea".


Green print teaGreen (Blue) printed: green printed tea system Menghai tea factory 40-50 years of tea production, is "red printed" sister products. Menghai green printing round tea with early and late points, early green printing round tea is also called "green green tea" or "blue printed green tea", early green printed, regardless of ChenXiang, camphor, taste, tea Gas and other aspects are first class. Late green India refers to the 50 - 60 years Menghai tea factory produced by the large quantities of Pu'er tea. There are some tea products, is made of new tree tea, but still made in the way of raw tea, known as the "green tail", in Pu'er tea Need, there is a high collection value.


Purple printed: Purple printed in the 1990s are many of the famous Pu'er products in a Purple Printed Pu erhmore classic formula, the tea factory after carefully selected Menghai tea area old tea, tea at the end of a group of cooked tea, tea carefully selected materials, Cake-shaped , the production of rigorous, because the old tea, so tightly appropriate, the whole line of goods, was cents, soup color silky bright, aroma of alcohol and taste thick and thick, with white Fluff, The color of tea is bright The aroma is soothing,the tea with the characteristics of back to sweet , smell its faint ChenXiang, drink Of pure and fragrant, drink after the teeth are left Chen Xiang, sweet and fluffy sense, in fact, Menghai tea factory 90 years the most representative of tea!

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