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China famous tea Xiaguan

      Tea has become an indispensable part of Chinese culture. For many people, "no day without tea", the tea culture is deep in everyone, in every family.

      The tea is famous for its tea, which is known as "the hometown of tuotea". Yunnan's xiguan tea factory is located in the beautiful city of Dali and erhai lake, which has the reputation of the east Geneva. "Xiaguan wind, Shangguan Flower, cangshan snow, erhai moon" is a beautiful picture of Scenery, which is also a good ecological environment for the processing of tea factory.

      Yunnan Xia guan tea factory is located in Dali bai ethnic autonomous prefecture, the city of Dali, the beautiful mountain erhai lake. After 60 years of construction, the tea factory has developed into the main base of Yunnan refined tea processing.

       Located at the west Yunnan transportation hub, it has been the center of tea collection and tea collection since ancient times. The tea factory was founded in 1941. Its predecessor, the conchs tea factory, was founded. After the Anti-Japanese War to the front of the founding, kanga Tibetan tea factory and where each firm shai every year a large number of acquisitions through refined processing, in addition to outside the local sales, also sold to domestic Tibet, Xichang, Kunming, Chongqing, Wuhan, Shanghai and other places, are exported to Burma, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. 

      Products with well-known Chinese and foreign of Yunnan large leaf tea as raw material, together with clear glycerin zhon mountain springs, and the four seasons wind Shimonoseki wind drying effect, provides a unique natural Shimonoseki tea products processing advantages.

      The products of the tea factory, the early cakes and the tuo,  later on the main of tuo tea. In the early days, tuotuo tea, mainly for the side pin and the export, is often consumed, so there are not many tea leaves. In the strict sense, the later tuo tuo tea is not classified as the "yue yuxiang" pu 'er tea series because of the significant difference in the traditional tea making process. 

      tea factory is famous for its tea. After the founding of jianguo, the products of its tuotea products continued to be produced, and the varieties of flower and color were constantly reinvented. According to Mr. He Jingcheng, a tea history scholar in Hong Kong, the production of the tuo tea meter has seven series of 11 kinds of taste in the history of more than 50 years of the state-owned Chinese tea factory. The production time of the first class of tuotuo tea is the most durable and the largest conventional products. The class a tuo tea has been in production since its production in 1951.In order to solve the oversupply of raw tea in the middle and low grade of the provincial tea company, in 1988, the tea factory was developed and put into production of the second grade of tuo tea, during which the production ceased during the two years between 1991 and 1992. In 1993, it resumed production because of the consumer's psychological acceptance and changed its name to tio tuo tea. Grade c tuo tea was put into production in 1988, same as the class b tuo tea, which is a product developed to solve the raw material backlog of   low grade wool tea in the provincial tea division. In 2003, the tea factory was placed on the order of the supplier. The specification of the tea is 100g, with a height of about 4.3 cm and about 8 cm outside, using the pine crane trademark.


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