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Anhua black tea produced from the climate suitable for the geographical location of Hunan Anhua 


Produced Anhua black tea varieties of tea is the  Anhua Xuefengshan large leaf species, buds made large and tender, containing the chemical The composition is particularly rich, the system out of the tea fragrance high flavor, Anhua black tea, "three bricks, three sharp, a flower volume," said that so far there are more than 80 kinds of size specifications, the production of fresh tea leaves By fixing, twist, Ottawa heap, pine chai fire dry, made of black tea and then autoclaved, can be made into a variety of shapes of pressed tea.

Anhua black tea is the most characteristic of the process is the beginning of the process of "Ottawa reactor" fermentation process and "Song Chai Minghuo" drying process; in the refining process, Fu brick tea "hair" and thousands of tea sun Dry, if not these processes, it can not be called Anhua black tea, Anhua black tea has more Chen Yue incense characteristics, Anhua black tea products in the storage process has a slow fermentation process, and gradually form a unique Chen Xiang Style, Chen Xiang with the storage time to increase, the longer the storage time of the black tea, the more fragrant Chen Xiang style,

The higher the quality, the main effect of Anhua black tea is digestion to greasy, conditioning stomach, can effectively play Reduce the three high, to prevent cardiovascular disease, soften the effectiveness of human blood vessels, to supplement the body needs dietary nutrition, more antioxidant, nourish the skin, anti-aging function.

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