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Yunnan Baoshan civet cat feces coffee beans medium roast cooked black beans pink Kopi Luwak Coffee

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Brand:Kam Hing
Series:Roasted Coffee
City:Baoshan City
Types of coffee:Cat feces coffee
Baking degree:Medium roast
Package weight:1 person
Packages cycle:2 weeks
Delivery frequency:1 week 2 times

 Kopi Luwak , commonly known as cat feces coffee, civet coffee, named for its rare and hard to come by . Civets eating coffee fruit pulp digested this particular process , the resulting coffee is called " history of the most fragrant coffee " Kopi Luwak its value over the Blue Mountains , the international market price of raw beans per kilogram up 500 Dollar , cooked beans in some markets is as high per kilogram 1500 USD .

Yunnan wild musk cat , civet widely distributed in the coffee-growing region , but be careful to collect the coffee beans produced from the jungle, after cleaning, deodorizing , drying, and finally by skilled bakers bake coffee is indeed a pieces of rare thing. It is estimated that currently able to collect wild civet coffee is also just a whole Yunnan500Kg . In reality the majority in captivity , and the total output of more than5Tons. In fact, because of the wild civet , civet cats eat the food is very complex, not only the coffee fruit , as well as other berries, insects, small animals , etc., resulting in inconsistent product resulting coffee mugs , and control of food species in captivity , doing good even use the fruit to feed a few days , omnivorous , and then a few days of pure coffee fruit to feed method , but the resulting product is purer and more full-bodied cup of coffee .

Kam Hing Coffee Company as we bring this precious civet coffee beans , bag100G, are excellent bakers carefully baked , photographed at the latest5Days after delivery, the fastest2Days after delivery, because baking machine baking for at least500Grams, so it is necessary to reach the number one baking500Grams before baking .


Civet coffee tree like to pick the most mature sweet, plump and juicy fruits as food and coffee . The coffee fruit through its digestive system, be digested only the appearance of the fruit pulp , raw coffee beans that hard civets are then excreted intact . This digestion process, so that the beans produced a magical change of unparalleled flavor tends to be unique , taste particularly mellow, rich mellow sweet taste but also in other beans unmatched . This is due to the civet 's digestive system destroys the protein in beans , so as a result of the protein produced much less bitter taste of coffee , but increased the mellow taste of this coffee beans .

Because civets eat right and full maturity coffee fruit , so that this coffee has Thatcher characteristics.

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