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Stainless Steel Tea Set Good Quality Pu'er Tea Needles Puerh Tea (stainless Steel) Tea Knife Freeshipping

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Tea set


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This tea knife is a personal tool for demolition Tea[Kind shootingPure stainless steel, very good quality, durable, fine workmanship, feeling good,

[Name] Pu'er Tea Horse Road knife
[Specification] Length 15cm
[Weight] 30-35G
[Material] Stainless Steel

Demolition Pressed live not everyone capable, it requires some special tools, it is tea knives.

How to use:

From the side of brick tea tea cake or inserted to the inside or outside pry, tear off the tea, tea solution can minimize the process of broken tea.

Along the lines of repression pry tea tea, the best results.


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