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Menghai Pu'er Tea Wholesale Tea Tree 2008 Years Old Class 250g Ripe Brick Puer Tea

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Pu-erh Tea

[name]  2008 class brick tea (cooked brick) [year] 2008 [Specification] tea, 250 grams / piece [description] the old class village began in 1476, 117 households in the village, at an altitude of 1700 meters to 1900 meters, the tea

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[name]  2008 class brick tea (cooked brick)

[year] 2008

[Specification] tea, 250 grams / piece

[description] the old class village began in 1476, 117 households in the village, at an altitude of 1700 meters to 1900 meters, the tea trees of 4700 acres, with an annual output of only 50 tons of green tea. The old class village is located, the original ecological vegetation diversity is well preserved, soil rich in organic matter and provides ecological environment for the survival of richly endowed by nature for thousands of years the tea tree. Since ancient times, the old class using the traditional method of artificial maintenance of ancient village living tea, follow the customs, hand picking fresh leaves, indigenous frying rubbing tea, today, the old class Pu'er Tea in Yunnan province is less without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other products of the original, the original ecological environment the old class chapter. Pu'er Tea, tea gas strong, heavy mellow, domineering, in Pu'er Tea has always been regarded as "King", "king of tea", "class Zhang Wang" and the Supreme Reputation.



   Pu'er Tea to Chinese within a certain region of Yunnan province Yunnan Dayezhong sundried green tea as raw materials, through the fermentation process into a loose tea and pressed tea. Including the history of the natural fermentation of Pu'er Tea (storage is also a way of processing), including artificial fermentation and natural fermentation of Pu'er Tea.


        Pu'er tea is mainly produced in Yunnan, Xishuangbanna, Lincang, Puer and other areas. Pu erh tea brewing techniques and stress on the art of drinking, which is rich in drinking methods, not only clear the drink, but also mixed drink. Pu'er tea soup orange thick, high aroma and long lasting, unique flavor, taste strong alcohol, durable foam.


Storage mode


    1 must be in dry warehouse aging.Dry warehouse will not mildew, transformation is slow, but can maintain the authenticity of Pu'er tea. Dry warehouse refers to tea at moderate temperature, humidity, ventilation environment after fermentation storage; wet storage refers to put tea merchants, poor ventilation, high humidity accelerated aging, in the market when the old tea sold for a profit.


    2 temperature is not a sudden change. Warehouse temperature if too high, temperature changing too suddenly, will influence the tea water to taste the lively, even within the warehouse temperature is too high, the formation of hot, will the original raw tea, into a well.


    3 avoid miscellaneous odor infection.Tea is the most will absorb the peculiar smell of gas, sprinkle a dry tea, will be sucked in the air smell, should strive to store the environment clean and no odor.


    4. Avoid insolation wind.In the sunshine, phenolics, chlorophyll, easier to oxidation, so that the tea color, metamorphism. Rise in temperature will also accelerates a tea fermentation acidification. Air, the air circulation more oxygen, is conducive to the breeding of microorganism in tea, which can accelerate the tea, but tea should not be hang buy in tuyere, or tea gas will blow blow away, tea, drink up and bland.


    5. Use bamboo reed.This kind of packing material and traditional way, help puer tea after fermentation, filtering taste in order to ensure the effect of pure.


    6. Pay attention to the tea age life.Pu'er Tea's life, whether it is sixty years, or one hundred years, or hundreds of years, no conclusive data, often rely on tea to evaluate the aging degree of intuition. Such as Chang Fu Yuan, Tong old, round Pu'er tea Chen allelopathy has reached the highest point, must be sealed storage, so as not to continue the rapid fermentation, resulting in tea taste decline gradually disappear, corrupt. The Imperial Palace Jingua tribute tea, Chen has one hundred or two hundred years, its taste is: "the soup color, but the taste of tea, Chen."


    7 humidity should not be too high, can not be too dry.Humidity is too high, easy to make tea deterioration, long mildew; too dry, tea transformation will be too slow.


Brewing method


     Tea output: When brewing tea, for the size of the amount of tea and tea drinking habits, brewing methods, characteristics of tea have close relations, abound change. In terms of yunnan people drinking tea habit, when leave root making method is adopted, the normal tea brewing quality, for the quality of tea and water than the average 1:40 or airport. If using "kung fu" bubble method and amount of tea can be appropriately increased, through controlling the tempo of the brew to adjust the concentration of tea liquor. In terms of tea sex, levels of tea also have change. Such as tea, tea can be appropriately increased, Chen raw tea, fresh tea reduced and so on. & have spent


    Brewing Pu'er Tea: Tea set to blunt a hot water first, known as "XiCha". "XiCha" concept in the Ming dynasty, "tea spectrum (Ming dynasty)," "every tea cooking, tea leaves in hot soup to wash, go to the grime, air conditioning, cook is beauty." For tea, "XiCha" this process is necessary. Because most of the puer tea is drunk the next year or even several years. "XiCha" pay attention to grasp the rhythm, put an end to "XiCha" or high temperature for a long time many times "XiCha", reducing the cost of tea. Tea set appropriate chooses big belly, the because of high concentrations of puer tea with big belly can avoid the tea too thick, material appropriate chooses ceramic POTS, are recommended. After the second shade selection can according to individual be fond of. Pu-erh tea can also be cold drinks.


    Tea water temperature:The water temperature control of tea show plays an important role. High temperature is in favor of divergent flavor, quick to leaching tea flavor. But high temperature also easily out of the bitter taste, easy to burn a part of the high-grade tea. The water temperature varies from tea. For example, with thick cake tea, tea and tea Chen suitable for boiling water; soft materials (such as high-grade tea new Pu er), high-grade green cake for proper cooling. Avoid delicate tea brewing temperature will become hot cooked food in the brewing of tea ". Part of the high-grade Xinqing tea, in addition to the direct cooling, but also through without lid or high boiling water Chonglai reduce the water temperature, avoid to produce water for tea boiled. Sulk"


      Brewing time: Brewing time control, the purpose is to make tea aroma, taste to show full accuracy. Because of the particularity of the production technology and the raw material selection of Yunnan Pu'er tea, the method of brewing and the length of brewing time are decided. Chen tea, crude tea brewing time, brewing tea tea, and a short time; hand rolled tea brewing time, brewing tea machinery rolling time is short; long time brewing tea, loose tea brewing time is short.


       Elegant cups brewing method:An elegant cup is divided into an outer cup, an inner cup and a cup cover. The outer cup is made of glass, the inner cup is a valve with high temperature plastic cup, the inner cup with a filter and a valve switch, only open the valve, in the cup of tea will pass through the filter from the inside to outside flow below the cup cup.


 Pry tea: 

1.With a knife from all kinds of pu 'er tea are compressed tea (bread, brick, Tuo) pry right amount (5-10 grams) under puer tea;

2. Throw tea:To pry the tea into the cup;

3 prepare to brew: Put the tea cup into the outer cup;

4.The boiling water into the cup, because the valve is closed, the tea soup only, soaking cup tea, the first bubble is also called XiCha, and kung fu bubble method is the same principle;

5. Open the valve:Press the switch to open the inner cup and let the tea soup flow into the outer cup;

6. Wash cup:With the first tea soup cup and then rinse out, help to improve the Pu'er Tea mellow taste;

7 second bubbles:Once again into the boiling water tea, the bubble began to drink;

8 decoction:Press the switch to open the cup valve, so that the tea soup flow into the outer cup, if the soup is not enough to brew again, a number of soup



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