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Nourishing Liver Tea Variety Of Natural Plant Health Care Tea Round Barrel Beaut The Skin 60pack/barrel T030

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Product Information :

  • Liver tea, is a well maintained liver has claimed the role of herbal tea. Fatty liver, alcoholic liver have a very good role in rehabilitation, drinking this tea, you can achieve lipid-lowering, hypoglycemic, qi and blood, soften blood vessels, lungs and expectorant, liver qi, detoxify, liver liver and other effects.
  • The first step: clean fat
  • Seven leaf gall is rich in active ingredients saponins, flavonoids, polysaccharides three health factors that can accumulate in the liver and remove excess fat in the blood, balance the body fat metabolism, lipid metabolism disorders resolve.
  • Step two: Detoxification
  • Role Aescinate bile Liver Liver Liver tea has resumed normal liver detoxification function, in vivo accumulation of toxic drugs, alcohol and other drugs excreted in time.
  • The third step: anti-inflammatory
  • Aescinate eliminate bile tea Liver inflammation of the liver and other organs, enhance the body's ability to resist disease and healing power.
  • Step Four: Fix
  • Aescinate bile tea Liver damage repairable drugs on the liver and other organs, and repair of human lipid metabolism system.
  • Step five: nourish
  • Rich in the human body needs a variety of nutrients, can nourish the liver cells, liver and other organs of nutrition, restore the vitality of human organs.

Brewing method:

  •  Wash cup: Use boiled water wash tea set;
  •  put the tea: the tea into the tea, tea / water ratio of about 1:20;
  •  rush tea: First boiling water, bring into the tea kettle to make tea rotation, Lu Xiang;
  •  scraping foam: Gently scrape with lid floating on tea white foam;
  •   pour tea: soak 30 seconds or a minute or so tour injected sequentially tea cup tied;
  •  some tea: tea is even a little bit of dripping to each cup to charm even;
  •  see tea: ornamental cup of tea color;
  •  drink tea: hot drink while sipping smell, savor;


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