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New Coming 100g Red Tea Box Package Yunnan Feng Qing Kung Fu Black Tea Dian Black Tea Loose

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  Dianhong Yunnan black tea is referred to, is divided into two kinds of broken black tea Dianhong Gongfu and Yunnan. Dianhong tea, also known as Yunnan black tea, is famous the world tea market, tea, tea in Dianhong,

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Dianhong Yunnan black tea is referred to, is divided into two kinds of broken black tea Dianhong Gongfu and Yunnan. Dianhong tea, also known as Yunnan black tea, is famous the world tea market, tea, tea in Dianhong, especially for the famous Dianhong fengqing, FENGQING now "Dianhong town", with its excellent quality known world. FENGQING Dianhong tea of choice is suitable tenderness Yunnan big leaf species tea leaf as raw materials, large-leafed tea leaf containing tea polyphenols abundant than the other, so the made tea, incense high Sauvignon, red soup Brilliant, high quality



[Lily] Featured Dianhong tea Fengqing Yunnan Lincang area pollution-free altitudes above 1,700 meters, is selected from Yunnan tenderness suitable large-leafed tea leaf as raw material to a bud as the standard picking. Ecological tea quality spring material, a bud pure handmade, finished tea straight cable tight fat, Miao Feng beauty intact, gold cents more than the exposure, color and black and oily, thick transparent red liquor, strong taste heavy and mellow aroma of high alcohol durable, the bottom red uniform and bright. The most suitable for senior gift. Dianhong's mostly sugar tasting drinking milk reconcile mainly milk is still strong after taste aroma

Close-up HD really making plans: the gold cents more than the police revealed, the color black oily, Kam's thick transparent red liquor, smell the aroma fragrance lasting product of strong taste Xianshuang


This tea Fengqing unique items selected from Yunnan Yunnan tea is refined, all for a bud refined, so smell better, plus fengqing because of the geographical environment factors produced Dianhong sweet, Sweetness is slightly better than other regions! As long as you drink this tea Dianhong I daresay you will not go to drink other tea! Because it has allowed you to unconsciously improve their tea taste


Close-up HD really making plans: Entrance taste Gan cool, thick smooth but not greasy, full of hidden tension. Fresh red soup, taste thick and flavorsome


Liquor color bright bright red, gold ring prominent, heavy and mellow aroma, flavor concentration strong, ultra-low price to enjoy Dianhong charm, luxury is actually very simple, this soup you know, but so what?


Yunnan Dian Hong Tea: Dianhong production system using excellent Yunnan big leaf species tea leaf, first by withering, rolling, or rubbing and cutting, fermentation, drying and other processes made finished tea; further processed and made Dianhong Gongfu, but also by rubbing cut into Yunnan broken black tea. The above procedure, a long time, are manually. Yunnan to create a separate genus Dianhong characteristics.


HD really making plans: Securinega uniform bright red, gold cents especially significant, root fresh full.




Novel cylindrical shape beauty, sunny color beauty, neat simple beauty, regardless of their own enjoyment or gift giving, happiness always go hand in hand. Using an independent inner foil packaging, sealing better and can be more lasting bond Dianhong single bud silk tea aroma and quality. When you open the lid, when a rich fragrance blowing, Mi lingers for a long time, allowing you to smell the refreshing


Instructions printed on the back cylinder products, quality and safety guards, we can be assured to drink!



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