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China Tea Authentic Chinese Herbal Medicines Natural Bitter Almond North Almonds Raw Almonds Cough Lungs 500g

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 Health Effects:

Antitussive asthma (Keni gas, Fan breathlessness). Bitter almonds are broken down in the intestine, produce small quantities of hydrocyanic acid, it can be a sedative on the respiratory center, so as to achieve the efficacy of cough and asthma.
Anti-tumor effect. This is mainly due to the bitter almond contains a biologically active substance - amygdalin, designed to kill cancer cells can enter the bloodstream, while no effect on healthy cells, it can improve the symptoms of patients with advanced ** prolong patient survival. Meanwhile, the rich in carotene, it can antioxidant against free radicals attack cells that have the effect of preventing tumor!
Lungs clear fire, detoxification laxative. This has been documented in ancient books, especially for elderly patients with constipation, because not only nutritionally balanced bitter almonds, and rich in cellulose, can clear fire lungs, bowel detoxification, is non-toxic and does not depend on the role of detoxification food!
Skincare. Regardless of internal or external use has a good cosmetic effect. Since bitter almonds are rich in nutrients, can be soothing beauty. Bitter almonds are rich in volatile oil, vitamin B1, B2, etc., external to moisturize skin, improve skin blood circulation, reduce wrinkles and slow down skin aging.
The crowd: asthma, prevention of cancer, lung disease, lit, beauty crowd
The seller recommends: raw bitter almond adults can eat 8-10 pieces a day, can not eat too much.

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