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Brand Kuige Maka Muli Huangjing Improve Men's Sexual Function Natural Male Health Products No Added 10pcs/Box

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  • Brand: Kui Ge Huang Jing Oyster Slice Specification: 10 capsules/box
  • Place of Origin: Mainland China
  • Province: Guangdong Province
  • Applicable to: Adult male
  • Features: Enhance the male sexual function, suitable for no morning Bo,  erection is not hard enough.
  • Use:1days 1pcs, 3 days effective, 6 days have significantly improved! (95% of experimenters)
  • Note:Products belong to food, can not replace drugs, will not produce dependence!
  • Production license number: SC11344128400921
  • Product standard number: SB/T 10347
  • Factory name: Zhaoqing Ren Xiu Tang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Site address: 33 Hexi Road, Zhenshan Street, Sihui City
  • Contact information of the manufacturer: 4000226955
  • Ingredients list: Huang Jing, oyster powder, okra, sorbitol, maca powder, ginseng (planted), edible glucose, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate
  • Storage method: Seal in a cool dry place
  • Shelf life: 730days
  • Food Additives: None
  • Net content: 8g/pcs


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