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Black Oolong Tea Bag 250g Premium Tea Tieguanyin Slim Weight Loss Organic Tea

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Black Oolong Tea Bag 250g Premium Tea Tieguanyin Slim Weight Loss Organic Tea China Health Care Green Food Sweet Fragrance Honey T017


Welcome to my shop

Came from fragrant tea, take a deep breath, floral tea dense, invasive Heart,

light sip, pure taste and slightly sweet, slightly astringent clear, aftertaste fragrant aroma.

Our shop has a wide range of different varieties of tea, each tea carefully selected and processed before they can reach your mouth. Benefits of tea very much, and basically all ages can drink, here we have high-quality tea, hope our products can get your approval, I wish you a happy shopping!!!



Tea in addition to the general health functions, also has anti-aging, anti-arteriosclerosis, diabetes control, diet fitness, prevention of dental caries, heat pathogenic fire, the enemy smoke hangover and other effects.

As China's special oolong tea, tea has a refreshing addition to the general benefit thinking, fatigue, fluid and diuretic, antipyretic heatstroke, bactericidal anti-inflammatory, relieving hangover, detoxification disease prevention, digestion to greasy, diet fitness and other health functions, but also outstanding performance in anti-cancer, lowering blood pressure, anti-aging and other special effects. The main ingredient in tea has pharmacological effects of tea polyphenols, caffeine, such as LPS.

Black oolong tea is a classification of oolong tea, and oolong tea is semi-fermented tea, in general, tend to Black Oolong health tea, beauty tea, and oolong tea is one of those traditional tea, slimming cosmetic effect in black oolong tea twice as oolong tea, Black Oolong can not only inhibit the absorption of fat, but also help rid their bodies of fat, has a magical double detoxification effect.




Oolong tea is vacuum-packed


Modern diet, body fat tend to have a high proportion of the phenomenon,absorb excess fat will not only cause obesity and is the main cause of many chronic diseases. Black Oolong detoxification and health function.


QS certification high quality Oolong tea


The shape of oolong tea


Why is it called Black Oolong tea, because tea is different from ordinary green tea, black in color and is shaped like a dragon, and its dark color


Black oolong tea is a classification of oolong tea,oolong tea is semi-fermented tea,black oolong tea is health care tea,beauty tea

Take appropriate tea placement tea cup, with boiling water brewing the tea


The tea soup rendering bright yellow, emitting a mellow flavor, after the drink with a touch of tea aftertaste


The wet tea



Brewing method:

1. Wash cup: Use boiled water wash tea set;

2, put the tea: the tea into the tea, tea / water ratio of about 1:20;

3, rush tea: First boiling water, bring into the tea kettle to make tea rotation, Lu Xiang;

4, scraping foam: Gently scrape with lid floating on tea white foam;

5, pour tea: soak 30 seconds or a minute or so tour injected sequentially tea cup tied;

6, some tea: tea is even a little bit of dripping to each cup to charm even;

7, see tea: ornamental cup of tea color;

8, drink tea: hot drink while sipping smell, savor;


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