2017 Yunnan Top Grade Honey Rhyme Red Snail Black Tea One Bud One Leaf – Moylor
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2017 Yunnan Top Grade Honey Rhyme Red Snail Black Tea One Bud One Leaf 200g

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wood stop product information

[product name]: Honey rhyme golden snails one bud one leaf black tea

[material]: Yunnan Dayezhong sundried verdant tea

[product specifications]: 200g
[production date]: 2017

[storage conditions]: clean, sealed, dry, avoid light, no smell, no pollution
wood products exhibition
the quality of tea, in addition to its varieties, specific geographical environment is particularly important, and Lincang City
Fengqing county is a feng shui treasure Yunnan tea production. When Feng Shao Qiu came to Fengqing, see tea forest,
strong bud leaf fertilizer, pekoe thick, is the result of the development of the idea of "Dianhong".
 full bud material by the traditional Dianhong tea production process after withering, rolling, forming, fermentation, baking
and light, after all winnowing remove impurities, selection of pure bud and other refining processes its appearance, golden,
black and gold, with plump shape, curled into a spiral, golden, golden velvet, after brewing honey aroma strong tea fragrance,
shiny red.

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