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2010YR Royal Court Grade Yunnan Ripe Tea 200g/bag Loose Pu'er Tea

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Pu-erh Tea

  Brands:Yunnan Pu'er tea By way of sale:Package Items weight:200g/bag. Grade:Royal ripe loose tea(The highest grade puer tea)   Name Royal ripe loose tea Brands Hop Cheong Hin Production Pu'er ripe tea Type Loose tea Production date 2010 Specification   200g

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Brands:Yunnan Pu'er tea
By way of sale:Package

Items weight:200g/bag.

Grade:Royal ripe loose tea(The highest grade puer tea)


Name Royal ripe loose tea Brands Hop Cheong Hin
Production Pu'er ripe tea Type Loose tea
Production date 2010 Specification



Publisher Golden Pu'er Tea Co. Package  
Shelf Life Gets better
Price Description As a pound (500g) wholesale


Yunnan Pu'er tea is within a certain region of Yunnan large leaf green sun Maocha as raw material, through post-fermentation processing into loose tea and pressed

Tea. "Tea" harvest: Usually in spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons. Spring and harvested from February to April, 15 days after the adoption by the Ching Ming Festival

Spring received the top grade, much more expensive than a bud, bud pistil thin and white; summer tea harvested in May-July, said the rain tea, such as the production properly,

Tea Quality Approximate spring; autumn tea harvested in August-October, said Gu tea, tea quality inferior to the spring, summer tea; Dongcha little harvest, farmers only

Moderate harvest their own drinking.


[How to brewing tea]

1 large selection of brewing tea can avoid tea pot belly too thick, the proposed material should choose clay pots, purple sand pot;

2, brew tea with about 5-10 g, suitably 95-100 degrees boiling water. Brewing time 1-3 minutes, watching his soup, like red

When the wine is better. For longer is black, is not good. Shades according to personal preferences can be determined brewing time;

3, moist bubble tea is brewing indispensable process. Warm bubble tea can remove dust, wake up tea "Jervis"

Brewing speed should be fast;

4, should drink hot tea smells, toast nose, you can feel Chen aromatic flavor nostrils, a sense of elegance Qinxin leisurely;

5, the intentions of fine chemicals Pu'er, sipping entrance, before they can obtaining the true rhyme, feel tea penetrate teeth, bleeding gums Qin, mouthful aroma, sweet

Dew "fluid", refreshing, lingering thirst, this is the best feeling Puer "back to rhyme."



One, making ready

Water: 100 cooked tea with boiling water, the water temperature about raw tea master at 90 , with mineral water, spring water, purified water brewing Pu'er

Tea taste very good. Should not use tap water, so as not to destroy the tea chlorine nutrients affect the taste of tea.

Tea Set: Teapot, tureen, a variety of products can be elegant glass cup, purple, tureen brew the tea Pu'er tea can fully enjoy

Mellow taste aloes, cream cups, elegant cups suitable for use in the workplace simple tea. Select teapot, tureen should use big belly

, Easy tea and nutrient leaching stretch.


Second, unlock tea

From the traditional tea, and a variety of forms of methods such as tea cakes, tea, Tuo, etc., require special tea knife to pry tea or tea

Cone came to pick tea, correct operation is to taper tea from tea leaves or tea knife edge and side inserts, thumb pressed tea with Kunugi

Pry tea was massive. Simple immediate needs for drinking tea after the dissolution of the tea All pry storage tank with a purple top, terminology

The nickname given to "wake up tea," said.


Three, brewing step

Cast Tea: tea according to the number and characteristics of tea to determine the investment yield, the amount of tea Pu'er vote of 4-5 grams tea flooding due

Effluent rich, so choose adaptation tea brewing skills standards, generally a tea can be repeated more than 10 times brew.

Wash the tea: Put tea into the tea with boiling water about 1/3 of boiling water, quickly wash the tea to wake up tea, bathing Chen Xiang, wash Pu

Er of dust.

Brewing: After brewing the tea to be isolated from the fair cup tea cup or container products, when you need to use separate tea strainer, filter broken tea,

Used office productivity elegant tea cup isolated itself functions more convenient to use. When the tea is brewing soup

Among the more exquisite, large tea pale and tasteless, too late tea bitter taste caused by heavy stew, only slowly realized in practice, according to Pu'er

The water extracts characteristic time of the soup can be divided into the first half slower, in half of the fast, slow second half to practice to master.

Drinking problems, the following reasons:

When cooked tea brewing, tea was dark red, possible reasons: brewing time is too long, or throw tea excessive.

When the raw tea brewing, tea Tang Ruqing water in general, possible reasons: Water is not enough, the soup too fast, not enough tea water temperature is not

Bubbles out of its inner quality. Generally about drinking water temperature about 85 , it is recommended in the soup a little bit slower, after more practice to master,

Or recommend the use of professional brewing tea to brew.

If start brewing brewing time is too long, or the temperature control is not good, resulting stew tea, can also affect subsequent brewing reduce the number of

Less and taste change, the only way to solve only more practice to master, the same tea brewing different people have different taste changes, technical

The more strange coincidence, it does not matter how good the tea tastes better.

Pu'er brewing before, if you can calm down, calm tea will smell, only to adjust the mood to Chen Xiang Pu'er sentiment.



Fourth, tea storage

1, Store in a dry and ventilated place saying goes: "hi tea leaves and fear konjac fragrant drugs, thermophilic dry and avoid cold and wet." Family tea must be kept

Dry and ventilated place, but not directly by the wind blowing. While the conversion is relatively slow, but it can maintain the authenticity of tea.

2, to avoid odor savor tea most easily absorb odor in the air, so it should seek to save the environment clean and no savor. Preferably every

Day morning windows open for ventilation, so that as soon as the home of the odor dissipated.

3, the use of bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo packaging traditional packaging helps in post-fermented tea, has a filter savor, to ensure the efficiency of pure

Fruit. If you have been apart of tea, use plastic wrap dense, weather and humidity changes, prone to mildew and

Odor, destroyed the tea's flavor.

4, purple pot, purple clay pot clay pot and Yunnan folk are suitable for storing tea pot can also be apart of tea cakes

Into the purple tank storage, one for easy access, and second, to Chen tea has a natural wake up process.


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