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2011 Ripe Pu'er Tea Cooked Puerh Brick Tea Paperback 7581 Classic Recipe 250G Genuine Special Tea

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Zhong Tea


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Pu'er tea Year:3 years (inclusive) --5 years (not included)
Special product category:Pu'er tea
Place of origin:China Mainland



product name In 7581 brick tea 2011 Commodity price   aeProduct.getSubject()
Craftsmanship Pu'er (cooked tea) Specification 250 g / piece
Outer shape Pu'er brick tea Origin Yunnan
Save on Chen Yue Series The tea series
Raw materials Yunnan tea leaves drying green tea
Storage method Ventilated, dry, odor-free storage environment.
I silky soft alcohol
I Chenxiang Run throat
I do not hide the edge
Noble is also no need to suppress proud
Because cooked by 7581
Years of inscription Cheung
Highlighting the treasures of charm

7581 is the flagship product of Yunnan brick Chacha Co., known as the most representative of Pu'er tea Menghai tea made from selected raw materials, the traditional process is made of brick-shaped upright, uniform thickness, elastic moderate, reddish brown soup, mellow taste lubrication, Chen Xiang significant, very tasting and collection value


Liquor color Hongyan bright, pure aroma, flavor chronological, mellow

Tea is a very casual thing, so as to allow the senses to recuperate, to increase its sensitivity, tea worthwhile miss a thing. The 7581 brick impressed me most was initially Chen Xiang prominent, followed by sugar, woody have the sweetness always linger in the mouth, thick distant, very clean soup

7581 brick tea of China Native Produce & Animal Tea Import and Export Company in Kunming, Yunnan tea factory. Kunming tea factory, formerly known as the revival of experimental tea factory, was founded in October 1939, 1973 Kunming artificial pile-fermented Pu'er tea success. He began a new situation in the history of tea. 7581 meaning: "75" stands for the 1975 production Chazhuan reign; "8" on behalf of eight tea-based and Allah production; "1" represents the Kunming tea factory. Today, tea in full swing, to go abroad, to the world. The so-called century Pu'er, enduring, thanks to China Native Produce & Animal Yunnan Tea Import and Export Company, has really contributed. People in tea talk, do not forget that Yunnan is China Native Produce & Animal Tea Import and Export Corporation to bring you a little happiness and joy.


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