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1. What items have free shipping? This icon indicates free shipping: Any product showing this has free shippng 2. Can I enjoy Free Shipping in my country? You can enjoy our Free Shipping service worldwide. An additional charge may be required for remote area collections or difficult to access. If you ensure your country is it in the remote area, please contact to our online service: 3. Can I return or refund Free Shipping items? All items on our site are covered by our return policy. You can return or refund any item regardless of the shipping method used. For full details please refer to our return and refund policy. 4. If I return an item, do I need to pay the shipping fees? That depends on the reason for returning the item. If the item has a quality problem or does not match what you ordered, we will pay for all return shipping charges. If the correct item arrives without any quality issues, you can still return it if you are not satisfied, in these situations you will pay for the return shipping. 5. Can I choose a different shipping method? Yes! By default Flat Shipping is used. You can upgrade to another shipping method, Priority Direct Mail, Express Mail Service, and Expedited Shipping Service are available. The cost to upgrade varies based on the shipping method and the items in your order. 6. Will my order have a tracking number? 1.Orders shipped via Priority Direct Mail, Express Mail Service or Expedited Shipping Service, will receive a tracking number. 2.Orders shipped via Flat Shipping do not have a tracking number by default. If you want tracking, you can purchase a tracking number at the checkout. 7. How long does shipping take? Shipping times are based on shipping method and delivery address. Visit our estimated delivery times page, for full details. 8.If you have a unique situation that is not covered in the policy above, please contact us: https://www.moylor.com/

Shipping Methods and Delivery Time Moylor offers four different international shipping methods. You can choose your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process. *Important Notes: Total Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time Processing time 1-2 business days normally Shipping delievery time 5-25 business days according different

1.Do I Need To Pay Import Taxes And Tariffs? You are responsible for all import taxes and duties that may be charged when the item passes through customs.Many countries do not charge import duties on private items below a certain stated value. However, you may find that you have to pay taxes when goods you’ve ordered from us arri ve in your country. We advise you to find out about the local regulations prior to ordering from us. Moylor cannot give you advice or information about tax rates and customs charges in your country. 2.How are customs and import taxes handled? The customer is responsible for paying any customs or import charges. It is important that you find out and inform your customer of these charges before taking orders to avoid the customer incurring unexpected costs. So if you're drop-shipping, your customers may "unexpectedly’" have to pay "extra charges". Please note it's your responsibility as the Moylor buyer / drop-ship vendor to find out information about taxes and inform your customers. 3.How Can I Find Out About My Local Import Tariffs? Every country is different; our advice is check with your local council, post office, or government tax department. A search online may provide the insight you need to find out what the tax is likely to be. 4.Why I Was Asked For My CNPJ/CPF? Companies importing anything to Brazil are supposed to state their "CNPJ" number, and individuals are supposed to state their "CPF" number on invoices. So if you want us to ship your order to Brazil, please make sure you give us the correct "CNPJ" or "CPF" number, so the package can go through customs smoothly. 5.Do I Have To Pay VAT / Sales Tax? We do not add any additional charges or taxes in China. Possible additional costs to you may include: - Bank transfer charges, - Paypal money upload charges, - If you are re-selling (or drop-shipping) goods from Moylor , Please ensure you are abiding by the tax (and other) regulations for selling goods in your home country and the destination country 6.If I have to pay the tax, how much will it be in general? Usually, the following factors may influence the tax. A. The value of the goods. If you purchase a large quantity of the goods, it may generate higher tax charge than the small quantity of goods. B. The package contents. Some categories are considered as dangerous goods, hence some of the goods are forbidden by the importing law in certain countries. For some other countries, tax will be higher if the goods belongs to special categories.

1.Get access to your account and find the order number 2.Click the order number get in the order details 3.Find out the track number in the order details 4.Track the number in the website: https://www.moylor.com/pages/tracking-parcels http://www.17track.net/zh-cn

Return & Refund You can return the item(s) within 14 days after delivery and ask for a full refund. If you receive damaged item(s) or if their size /color does not match with what you ordered, we will issue a full refund or we will send you a new product for free. Please contact us to make a claim. After receiving your claim we will normally respond within 24 hours. If you want to refund your order with reasonable reason and contact with us within 14 Days (After arrival), after auditing your order, we will refund according to your situation. The refund expected time is based on your payment method. If you still have concerns about return or refund, please refer to detailed Return & Refund Policy or just contact our dedicated customer service team. Retuin center https://returns.aftership.com/www.moylor.com

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