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When you tell the feeling about drink Chinese Teas,

Please do not use the sample words like strong,smoke ,sweet?

There are more feeling about drink Cinese tea.

Let us talk about that:

1, tea warm, or cool.

Refers to the stimulation of the mouth. Including incense and bitterness, commonly used "strong, weak" to describe.


2, tea quality

Refers to a rich taste. Commonly used "thick, thin, heavy, light" to express.


3, tea aroma

Fresh leaves are produced during the production process and are divided into Yang, Ping, Shen and so on.


4, bitterness, convergence

Bitterness is a taste, and a feeling is a feeling. Bitter tea is produced by theophylline in tea, which is a manifestation of the convergence of fragile tissues in the mouth.


 5, back to Gan

Refers to the sweetness produced by bitterness during the transformation and the disappearance in the mouth.


6, Shengjin

Refers to the constant flow of cheeks, tongue, tongue and saliva.


7, convergence

After drinking tea, the tightness around the tongue and mouth is mostly guilty.


8, Gan Yun, sweetness feeling

This is a sweet expression.


9, the sense of hierarchy

Refers to the order in which the taste is expressed. The aroma and taste of the tea soup is transformed into the mouth.


10, Tea throat rhyme

Tea is very strong, and the tea soup brings a feeling of throat, such as sweet, wet, and locked throat.


11, full feeling

It refers to the richness of the tea soup and the fullness of the taste.




12, smoked flavor

Produced by artificial baking does not mean an unpleasant smell, has a fire scent, and will volatilize and transform over time to produce other aromas.



13, fruit acid taste

The tea soup has an umami taste, like fresh sour fruit.


14, sour taste

It will not dry after mashing, and the moisture content will be too high when pressed.


15, tea separate with water

Tea separation due to improper brewing or storage.


16, green flavor

Not enough temperature to kill or not enough time. In severe cases, there will be a "green scent."


17, lock throat feeling

After drinking tea, the throat is too dry, it is difficult to swallow, tight and so on.


18, tea gas

It is produced from a combination of organic alfalfa and polysaccharides in tea and is soluble in water. Tea is easy to appear in old tea, usually as snoring, elevated body temperature, fever and sweating.



19, Chen Yun

The charm of aging over the years is often felt in old teas with a certain vintage.


20, tea separation

The tea soup is in the throat, the tea is not in the mouth, but in the water.


21, the entrance feeling

Tea soup entrance, unconscious swallowing, naturally into the throat.


22, hearty clear feeling

After years of aging, high-quality tea soup enters the throat, the mouth is crisp, and the teeth have a clear feeling.


23, the bottom of the tongue is spring

The highest state of Shengjin, the focus is on the word "ming", which continues to be continuous.





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