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The following types of tea are relatively popular in recently, all authentic high quality and affordable Puer tea.
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Introduction to these types of tea:
    moylor dayi tea
2015 Menghai Dayi TAETEA ChenXiangYaYun Ripe Pu'er Tea 1501 Puer Shu Tea 357g  

moylor 0718 Pu erh tea

2007 Year Authentic Nanqiao Royal Cake Shen Cha Aged Puerh Tea 357g 0718 Tea
moylor changtai pu erh tea
China Tea 2007 Changtai Lingbao Shtai Pu'er Tea Raw Tea Genuine Seventeen Tea Cakes

moylor 7538 tea
2007 Years Chang Tai Hao YunNan Seven Cakes Raw 7538 Gold Award Raw Puer Tea 357g

moylor Yunya 5568 tea
2015yr New Tea Yunya Puer Tea PuEr 5568 Tea 400g Cooked Green Food Puwen Factory Yunbud Puer Tea