Posted on by Chris Lee

Fidget Spinner: A New Toy Craze have reached China

One proven fact about kids is that they love toys so much. It is an essential part of their growing years that helps them in many different ways such as relieving stress, defeating boredom, killing time and an enjoyable tool for learning and development. Over centuries, more and more types and kinds of toys were invented to satisfy the kid’s inalienable right to play and enjoy being kids.

This 2017, a simple skill toy composed of a multi-pronged flat structure usually made of metal or plastic with a ball bearing (designed to spin easily) at the center, became so popular on kids, teenagers and to adults as well. It is called a fidget spinner. From its name, you play with this toy by holding the center pad with a finger while its “body” spins. With the simplicity of how this toy is being played and the swift spike in demand, small or big companies have invested a lot to make sure this new craze among kids will come in different forms and will be able to supply every kid and teenager all over the world.

What are the benefits of playing with a Fidget Spinner?

Although no scientific proof has been solidified yet, many advertisements of fidget spinner suggests that aside from having an enjoyable past time, it also helps people who have trouble with focusing, specifically on kids or teenagers with ADHD and Autism. There are studies that fidget spinner can enhance ability to concentrate and to calm down people suffering from anxiety and various neurological disorders. Professional therapists have tried using fidget spinner as sensory toys to help kids with sensory-processing issues.


Where can I buy it?

Since online shops nowadays are a trend, it is the most comfortable way of buying things like toys. Moylor is a fastest growing Chins mainland based online shop that offers various products such as food, home and sports-related goods in which fidget spinner is included. It is also a cross-border e-commerce shop, which means they also offer wholesale, retail or shipped services into 50 different countries all over the globe! Because they know that their services require careful handling procedures, they make sure to have a Return Center where costumers have the assurance that ordered products are shipped and received without any damage or else be replaced if proven necessary. If you want to play with a fidget spinner now, do not hesitate to visit and they’ll help you enjoy having it in just a click away!