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       Dayi Pu'er tea is Yunnan Dayi Tea Industry Group's well-known brands, Pu'er tea benchmarking and classic representatives, of which the Dayi 7572 known as the benchmark for the evaluation of Pu'er tea, Dayi 7542 known as the benchmark Pu'er tea.      


       Pu'er tea is a unique geographical indication product in Yunnan. It is a kind of tea which is made of special processing technology in the scope of protection of geographical indications and protected by the geographical indication. Pu'er tea is divided into Pu'er tea (raw tea) and Pu'er tea (cooked tea) two types.

       Dayi Pu'er (raw) tea: Yunnan large leaf type of green tea as raw material, without artificial Ottawa reactor fermentation, but after processing and finishing, the shape of a variety of Yunnan tea (cake tea, brick tea, Tuocha) collectively, or Directly in the form of loose tea storage. Overall quality characteristics: pure aroma, orange soup color, taste back to Gan Shengjin fast, durable bubble and so on.

       Weighing Pu'er (cooked) tea: to Yunnan large leaf drying green tea as raw material, to take the 20th century, 70 years of successful research of artificial Ottawa heap technology, by controlling the tea pile heap fermentation temperature, fermentation humidity and fermentation time to accelerate the Pu'er tea Of the fermentation process and quality changes, and then to loose tea or pressed into a brick, cake, Tuo and other forms of storage. Overall quality characteristics: Chen Xiang significant, thick red soup, taste mellow taste smooth, back to Gan long, durable foam, the longer storage of alcohol, the better the quality.

Origin distribution

Yunnan Province, the largest four of the Pu'er tea area: Xishuangbanna, Simao, Lincang and Baoshan.

Key Origin Introduction:

Ancient six Dasan, Xishuangbanna, the Lancang River to the north of Yiwu as the center of the area known as the "river", the south to the Buddha as the center of the "outside the river", Jiangbei Jiangnan each have six Dasan, although The traditional Jiang six six Dashan, including Yiwu, Yibang, Gordon, Mangzhi, pretty bricks, Mansa and Yau music, but outside the river of Brown, Bada, South waxy, Jingmei ancient tea mountain

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