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1.What is Tea towels?

Tea towels is also known as "tea cloth ", made of hemp, cotton fiber, the main function is to dry tea pot, before the action of tea leaves the teapot or tea on the bottom of the sea of bit of miscellaneous water dry, can wipe the dripping of tea table.

2.The purpose of the Tea towels:

Tea towels need to be placed in the tea tray.Small fabric kitchen, bathroom and other use, general specifications in 19 lines to 127 * 178 cm 2 (7.5 * 7.5 ~ 50 * 70 inches ), mainly with coarse cotton yarns in the raw material, there are also part of the cotton, linen blended yarn. Organization is given priority to with plain, jacquard, there is also a thick yarn count intertwined to form a grid or geometric patterns and other decorative pattern. The finished product feels soft, thick and moisture absorbent. Usually used for wiping dishes, wiping hands, cooking hand, anti - ironing, anti greasy, etc., can also be laid on the tea table for decoration. 

①the new tea with tea, immediately wash with 70-80% of the water can be removed.

②the old tea, available concentrated salt water immersion, or mixture of ammonia and glycerin (1:10) wash. Silk and wool fabric banned ammonia, 10% glycerin solution can be rubbed, and then washed with detergent rinse with water.

③for exposure, so as not to harden the tea towel.

Hand ready to use tea towel, generally not more than a handkerchief size, texture is more absorbent cotton knitting.

Tea culture is a kind of leisure culture, especially pay attention to appearance and details, and tea related artifacts, it is better to exquisite tea, too.

The diversification of specialized tools is the most intuitive sign of civilization. Strictly speaking, on the use of tea for tea is not special can, even with it, but on behalf of the cloth, there seems to be contrary to that character elegant tea, have dinner, the scenery is vulgar people practice. Pay attention to the tea towels, tea must be special, if used to wipe something else, such as tea shell, it is not appropriate, because if there is debris, dip in the tea towel, then wipe the teapot, will certainly slow, unsightly, if he fell into the cup, it is that drinking greatly reduced interest.

Speaking of the special towel, the novels of Ming and Qing Dynasties wrote a so-called "Mom", appearance uses clear, texture, specifications and so on is unknown as to its details, sometimes I love in the academic research on a whim, it found a lot of interesting topic or clues. Take "Chen mother" as an example, I do not know whether Mr. Shen Congwen did any research on ancient costume studies. Although this subject is not very elegant, it can not be neglected. Mr. Liu Dalin, a sex scientist, has a history and is said to have a special museum. He may be aware of the minor details. The tea is clean and together, drink tea and pay attention to the insiders, the table does not appear dirty things, tea plays a role, just dry only, attached to a tea towel, in addition to water, it is tea, tea or tea is the most, so, unlike other towel, tea towel not dirty, no smell. Of course, if not special tea place, such as at the dinner table, or Guangdong style tea table, rice dishes coated with wine, debris remaining, then began to tea, not only tea, must use a rag to wipe the desktop, and then wait for the tea table, tea towel.

Drinking Kung Fu tea, a function of tea, tea towels is not only wipe, wipe the teapot should be more frequently. Soak in the tea in the teapot, pour tea if not dry pot body and the bottom of the pot, with water will drip into the cup down spout. In the hands of skilled patrons or tea waiters, tea is not only a tool, or props, every time wipe, as is customary for tea rubbing, not just to clean. Thus, Drinking tea becomes a kind of art of living, in addition to its practical thirst quenching significance, more important is the appreciation of the aesthetic.

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