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tea pet

Facts About Tea Pet


Tea pets are well known as tea lover's pet, an artwork made from Yixing clay, used for decorative purposes or as good luck charm while some Tea pets are used to test water temperature when making tea.

Dating back to the tradition of ancient China, artisans of teapot began shaping extra pieces of clay into animal shapes and were fired together with teapots and cups, and were kept as matching mascots for finished tea sets.

It is believed that tea pets bring luck and happiness. These tea pets are basically small in size, but they do come in different shape and sizes. Many of the tea pets are for decorative purposes, however, some serve a more practical use. 

Tea Pet Function


These tea pets are used to tell when the water is hot enough to prepare tea. They have a hollow single, tiny opening, that is filled halfway with cold water. Then, hot water is poured over the Tea pets. If the water reach the desired temperature, Tea will come out of the small opening. The higher the temperature, the farther water will shoot.

Tea pets are also cared for like real pets. When a tea party is over. Leftover tea is kept and saved to be poured over the tea pet.The Tea pet  after many times of pouring , the aroma  of the tea will still remain. Hence, it is recommended to keep one kind of tea for every tea pet. And since tea pets are made of clay with absorbing properties, cleaning of tea pet requires no soap or detergent, simply clean by rinsing with water. 

There also different types of tea pet, the fortune-associated tea pet, the water-spraying tea pet, the color-changeable tea pet and lastly the funny tea pet.

Since these tea pets are made from purple clays, their colors are monochromatic with a coarse surface. The new ones usually give a feeling of un-cared for. Thus, if it is well taken cared of, and rinsed with leftover tea continuously, it will be more polished and more adorable.

Tips for raising tea pets:

  1. Tea pet should be moderately sized for convenience when traveling.
  2. Rinse tea pets with only one type of tea to maintain the purity of its color.
  3. Pu-erh tea works best as the most nourishing tea pet.
  4. Sometimes fondle with a brush with a tea and wipe with tea napkin.
  5. Never soak tea pet in tea water since raising tea pet this way may lead to subdued color.