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Caicheng: for the world to do peace of mind tea


Caicheng is a commitment to promote tea culture, specializing in Pu'er tea production and processing and product development enterprises. The company has high quality ecological tea raw material base, first - class food safety processing environment and production capacity, as well as advanced storage facilities. Over the years, the company has been guided by the "integrity-based, pioneering, intentions to do tea, to serve the community," the purpose of the majority of tea, tea and tea merchants to prepare, providing a variety of green ecology, safe and healthy people Pu'er tea products, Renowned at home and abroad, loved by the vast number of consumers

Caycheng tea to tea customs, tea ceremony, filial piety culture (precious ebony carving works), including a variety of content and form, showing a minority tea culture, cross - strait tea and Chinese tea culture essence.

Caicheng tea, advocated is a healthy way of life and a positive attitude towards life. Color tea, Guizhou tea industry to lead to a higher level, the creation of national brands and out of the country and establish a model of tea enterprises. 

Caicheng history:

Caicheng tea founder Xie Wenzhang a typical tea farmers of the second generation, from childhood, in the father planted, baked tea flavor which spent, Pu'er tea, has long been integrated into his soul in depth. Love tea, tea, respect for tea, as their parents in general, Xie also deeply fell in love with Pu'er tea. At the same time, he also has a dream, that is, let the mountains outside the more people understand Pu'er City produced Pu'er tea, taste the authentic Pu'er tea. As the first local out of college students, how can both change their own lives, but also to change the lives of home people, but also to achieve their own dreams? In 2006, after graduating from college, Xie Wenzhang began his business plan and a dream road. 2007 Pu'er tea market, Xie Wenzhang aware of the market after the re-shuffle consumption must return to rational, network marketing in order to ensure the operation of the product must ensure high quality. How can we control the high quality of tea? 80 after thinking very direct to do their own, do the brand. After repeated consideration, Xie article funded heavily set up a Pu'er tea production plant, but also invited the father with many years of experience as the director of tea production plant, supervision of each batch of tea acquisition, production and processing and other links, and strict The quality of customs, to ensure that each batch of tea production quality! Looked at the tea from the trees picked down, watching them into the factory processing, looking at their packaging factory, hand cover the origin of the seal, with ancient tea raw materials, with the traditional processing methods, with the most simple handmade cotton paper Packaging, Xie article believe that the tea out of this can stand the test of time, as long as customers get approval, you can slowly accumulate brand reputation.

[Caicheng strength - the whole industry chain management, for the world to do assured tea]

Rest assured that the whole world is the most basic requirements of food, "for the world to do peace tea" is the core concept of color tea, but also all the most basic quality of the way and the pursuit of quality.

Caicheng tea relying on 1600 acres of private organic ancient tea garden, has been built 14 ancient tea in the beginning of the system, covers an area of ​​more than 40 acres of tea processing plants and 10,000 square meters of warehousing center. From Dasan, to raw materials, to processing, to sales, the whole industry chain management, all products are assured of the production process, quality and stability.

Caicheng tea through the whole industry chain of strict control and supervision, through the implementation of the concept of tea and comprehend, strict requirements for the world to do the heart of tea.


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