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752 tea pu-erh tea


          This kind of Pu'er tea production year are 2007 years,this year the production of Pu'er tea is also known as aged Pu'er tea .In the appropriate concentration of drinking Pu'er tea, not only will not stimulate the stomach, sticky, smooth, mellow tea into the human stomach, the formation of a layer of film, attached to the stomach surface, the stomach Beneficial protection, long-term consumption of Pu'er tea can play the stomach, the role of stomach, but also to promote the function of gastrointestinal motility, drink help laxative.


2007year nanqiao puer

           Pu'er tea is also rich in a variety of anti-cancer vitamins, such as β-carotene, vitamin B1, B2, C, and so on. It is an important anti-cancer and anti- , E, etc., with electronic detection of Pu'er tea a total of 30 kinds of chemical elements, the majority of anti-cancer important trace elements, Pu'er tea has refreshing, detoxification, catharsis effect, with Pu'er tea, to regulate the stomach, Normal function, many medical experiments show that continuous consumption of Pu'er tea can reduce blood lipids by 30%, Pu'er tea can reduce blood lipid levels, so that blood vessels diastolic, thereby speeding up blood circulation, to solve the dullness caused by poor blood As well as a variety of annoying spots, to reduce the lipid compounds, cholesterol content has a good effect.


2007year tea water

            Therefore, adhere to drinking Pu'er tea, have to lose weight, lipid-lowering, antihypertensive effect, in Pu'er tea, rich in tea polyphenols , Can help the skin to resist aging, in summary, vintage Pu'er tea with care of the stomach, anti-cancer, deep detoxification, lowering blood fat, get rid of dull skin, slimming, anti-aging,And other effects.

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